Our Dental Technology

At AZ Family Dental, we utilize today’s most powerful and effective dentistry tools. As the Phoenix, AZ area’s leading family, cosmetic and implant dentistry practice, our patients have come to expect excellent care in a warm, friendly office environment. Our practice has more than 40 years of experience providing a full array of dental services using a combination of expertise and technology. Schedule an appointment, and find out why individuals from Glendale to Peoria trust our quality dentistry care at a fair price.

CEREC and CAD/CAM Same Day Crowns

CEREC and CAD/CAM makes it possible to measure and fit a permanent crown in one visit. AZ Family Dental uses the latest model of the Omnicam MC XL milling unit from Sirona, which is a premium package that allows us to create a typical crown in only 11 minutes. With CAD/CAM, we can speed the fitting process while also reducing the amount of time our patients have to invest.


Digital X-Ray Technology

AZ Family Dental has a Sirona Orthopos XG panoramic x-ray machine, which means you won’t have to travel to a new office just to get special dental photos. Schick Elite digital x-ray sensors provide superior image quality, which improves our ability to diagnose and treat existing problems.

Computerized Charting With Patterson Eaglesoft

Patterson Eaglesoft seamlessly stores and manages patient information for our friendly staff who facilitates the relationships between our patients, the dentist, insurers and others. This program makes it easier for us to handle billing, claims, patient updates, treatments, appointments and more.

Laser Dentistry

The AMD Picasso diode laser helps the dentist cut and treat soft oral tissue efficiently. It also speeds patient healing time, and it’s an effective tool in the treatment of periodontal and endodontic procedures.

Intra-Oral Camera

AZ Family Dental uses the Schick USBCam, which leverages the power of full motion video with the ease of USB technology. This lets the dentist view difficult-to-see areas of the mouth quickly, easily and conveniently.

High Magnification Dental Loupes

High magnification loupes make it possible for our hygienist to examine and clean patients’ teeth thoroughly and efficiently, and without the extra exam time that makes many patients uncomfortable.

Rotary Endodontics

WaveOne rotary endodontic technology significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to shape the tooth canal during the root canal procedure. By eliminating the need for hand filing, AZ Family Dental feel less discomfort and anxiety because of the reduced treatment time.

Piezo Dental Cleaning Units

Responsible dental hygiene begins with two yearly professional cleanings, and AZ Family Dental is proud to use the Hu-Friedy Piezo Ultrasonic scaler. The Ultrasonic scaler greatly reduces the need for hand scaling, which many patients find uncomfortable, through precision cleaning.

Digital Photography

The dentist and staff uses the Canon EOS 60D digital camera, a ring flash and 100MM macro lens to take the clearest, most detailed photos possible. These photos make accurately recording, diagnosing and treating oral issues much easier.

Lexi-Comp Drug Interactions Software

Lexi-Comp’s medical software helps the dentist choose the right medications and procedures for our patients. Certain drugs can cause negative reactions when combined with certain procedures, and using drug interactions software helps us assure our patients’ better health and safety.

Guided Implant Surgery

Biohorizons Guided Implant Surgery and VIP3 digital implant placement software helps the dentist plan and execute this important dental procedure smoothly and accurately. Guided implant surgery, as provided by AZ Family Dental, improves patient outcomes with better precision and predictability.

AZ Family Dental

Call AZ Family Dental for a consultation, and let our staff and dentist demonstrate our unappalled care through our cutting edge technologies. From fitting the perfect CEREC crown to providing outstanding preventive dental care with the latest x-ray technology, AZ Family Dental is your source for quality dental care.