CEREC Crowns

Are you searching for a CEREC crowns dentist in the Glendale, Peoria or the Greater Phoenix area? Do you need a crown but dread the prospect of returning again and again to secure a proper fit as you suffer through the discomfort of a temporary crown? Schedule an appointment with AZ Family Dental, where the dentist can build and fit a new CEREC crown in just one visit.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC Crowns

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, also known as Ceramic Reconstruction or CEREC, is a new technology that allows a properly trained dentist to fit and install a crown in one visit. The CEREC process eliminates the need to fit and wear a temporary crown while a lab constructs the permanent model, saving the patient time and stress. Because the CEREC crown is made entirely from porcelain and contains no metal, this type of crown can be more aesthetically pleasing than other alternatives.

During CEREC the dentist photographs the affected tooth and stores it as a three-dimensional digital model. A software program then designs the appropriate crown using the saved image, which an on-site milling unit then constructs. The dentist fits and applies the new, permanent crown to the patient’s tooth with special dental cement that bonds the crown and tooth together. The entire procedure takes about an hour and a half.

Is CEREC Right for You?

CEREC same day crowns is an advanced method of restoring chipped, cracked or discolored teeth dentists recommend for patients seeking full crowns without the delay associated with traditional crown restoration treatments. Using CAD/CAM technology, a CEREC-qualified dentist crafts durable, porcelain-based crowns within an hour and fits them over damaged teeth the same day they are made. Your dentist begins this procedure by thoroughly removing any decayed material on and around the tooth and then spraying the tooth with a safe, powdery agent that facilitates digital imaging of the tooth. A three-dimensional image of the tooth immediately appears on a computer monitor which allows your dentist to begin designing a crown while you watch the process.

AZ Family Dental specializes in providing expert CEREC care to patients seeking a one-visit crown. Patients who require care but cannot make a significant time investment for returning to the dentist or who find dental appointments stressful may find the CEREC option appealing. In addition, because old-style temporary crowns often feel uncomfortable during the two-week permanent crown construction period, CEREC can help patients eliminate a significant amount of discomfort.

Although CEREC can be completed in one reasonable visit, the use of CEREC technology requires special training. As a result, choosing a dentist properly trained and experienced in this type of tooth restoration is essential. AZ Family Dental is proud to provide the CEREC service to our patients with the quality care they have come to expect through decades of outstanding service.

Quality Care at a Fair Price

For over 40 years, AZ Family Dental has provided the Glendale, Peoria and the Greater Phoenix area with high quality family, cosmetic and dental implant services. Our reputation for quality care at a fair price is unmatched, and we are pleased to offer a five-year guarantee on all our crowns, veneers and bridges. From a young child’s first hygienic cleaning to performing root canals and wisdom tooth removal to fitting one-visit CEREC crowns, the Glendale, AZ community relies on us for expert dental care.

If you would like to learn more about receiving a professional smile makeover with porcelain veneers or CEREC crowns, please call AZ Family Dental today to schedule an appointment: 623-777-2037