Composite Fillings

Composite filling material (white filling) is a tooth colored material that can be used to restore cavities instead of the traditional silver fillings. Composite fillings have become the preferred choice for many dentists because they can be custom matched to the natural teeth. Composite fillings also have the unique property which allows them to bond to the surrounding tooth structure offering greater strength and retention.

There are different types of composite material each having advantages and disadvantages. The options of tooth restoration materials are best discussed with your dentist.

The major advantage of composite filling material is that it can be custom matched to the existing teeth.

Composite filling materials are placed for the following reasons: A tooth is chipped, cracked, worn, broken or decayed, or to restore cavities. Composite fillings can also be used to close the space (gaps) between teeth.

Composite fillings can easily be placed in one appointment. At the appointment your dentist will numb the tooth and carefully remove the decay and clean the surface of the tooth. Then the composite filling will be placed and shaped to restore the tooth to its original contour.

You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold following placement of the material, however this will subside at the tooth heals and becomes accustomed to the filling.

Following each visit with your Dentist you will receive home care instructions for how to best care for your new composite fillings. Remember regular dental visits combined with good eating habits and oral hygiene help lengthen the life of your fillings.

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